Roshanak Behesht Nedjad, Germany/Iran


Roshanak began working in the film industry as a festival coordinator and production manager. In 1999, she started her first production company Flying Moon with Helge Albers and Konstantin Kröning. 

 In 2012, Roshanak launched another company, LudInc together with Jan von Meppen, in order to produce Serious Games. LudInc’s first game, ‘Professor S.’, was nominated for the European Innovative Games Awards, named a Pioneer of new education by the Lego Foundation and won the German Computer Game Award for Best Serious Game in 2016. Berlin and Leipzig based In Good Company was founded in 2015 and focuses on international co-productions, aiming to create films that entertain on a smart level. Therefore, storytelling is in the foreground as well as an understanding.

Roshanak also works as an expert and consultant for various institutions and training organisations such EAVE. She is a member of the German as well as the European Film Academy, an EAVE graduate and group leader.

Niko Remus, The Netherlands

Post Supervisor

Niko has a background in film editing and works as a freelance Post-Production Supervisor and a workflow consultant. With his base in Germany, he works on international projects – fiction and documentary films for cinema release. His projects in the recent years include: "Bal – Honey" by Semih Kaplanoglu, "Hannah Arendt" by Margarethe von Trotta, "Only Lovers Left Alive" by Jim Jarmusch, "About Endlessness" by Roy Andersson, "Eleanor & Colette" by Bille August and „Stowaway" by Joe Penna. Niko gives lectures at various film schools and is a coach for the Torino Film Lab, the Rotterdam Lab and Berlinale Talents. In 2010 he was part of the very first APostLab workshop (then EP2C) and took on the role as Head of Studies for APostLab in 2017.

Antoine Simkine, France


Antoine Simkine is lead producer and managing director of the Paris based Les Films d’Antoine which was founded in 2004. As a producer for Les Films d’Antoine, he has produced or co-produced many feature films that were presented and awarded in Berlin, Sundance, Toronto, Karlovy Vary.

 Antoine has founded in 2013 Digifilm Corporation, a start-up offering an innovative solution for the long-term archival of film assets. He has recently founded Garageeks, a post-production service company based in France.

 Antoine has participated in ACE Producers , EAVE+ and INSIDE PICTURES, and he is a member of the EFA and the Cesars. Currently, he is the president of ACE Producers.

Neeltje van der Heijden, The Netherlands

Post Supervisor

 With a background in journalism & photography, Neeltje landed in film post-production in 2006. After having worked as a DI producer at an image post facility for nine years, she decided to start working as an independent freelancer. Since becoming a inpedenpent post-production supervisor in 2015, she has managed the creative process of post-production for over twenty international co-produced feature films and documentaries. 

Currently, Neeltje is working on several projects, including the Dutch/UK/US co-produced documentary "Occupied City" directed by Steve McQueen (Official Cannes selection 2023), the Chinese / Dutch co-produced feature film "Above the Dust" directed by Xiaoshuai Wang, and "Garden of Earthly Delights" (release 2024) directed by Morgan Knibbe. 

Besides her projects, Neeltje teaches at the post production management workshop APostLab since 2013. She became the workshop’s program manager in 2017. 


Miga Bär, The Netherlands

Post Supervisor

Miga graduated in 2008 at the Utrecht University of the Arts (AudioVisual Media, BDes). After graduating he started a free-lance practice as postproduction supervisor, which at the time was a position filled by only a handful of people in The Netherlands. After a 3 year detour at The Netherlands Film Festival, where Miga served as Head of Production and IT, he came back to the field of postproduction. This time around he served as Director of Technology and Innovation at Amsterdam based image post house Filmmore. 

In 2018 Miga made a leap into the international space, joining Netflix to manage the Production Technology team for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). In this role he managed a team that supported all Netflix original productions on a technical level, helping the crews to reach the highest technical quality possible and to implement new technologies into their workflows. 

As of 2022 Miga offers his services as workflow and postproduction consultant to productions and post houses across the globe and serves as teacher at The Netherlands Film Academy. 

Juan Galva, Spain

Colorist / Post Supervisor

Juan spent his initial years navigating the post-production pipeline, first as an editor, then as a VFX artist and lastly as a colorist. His interest in the bigger picture (and sound) of filmmaking led him to post supervision in 2018, joining The Match Factory in 2022 as in-house post-production manager. Additionally, he keeps training and knowledge-sharing a vital part of his career, collaborating with APostLab, and other European initiatives.

Fran Sokolić, Slovenia


In the early 2000s, I started as a video editor, and around the 2010s, I slowly switched to colour grading. I was a graduate of UP.GRADE, at the German Film and Television Academy, a 9-month, full-time post-graduate colourist programme. Since 2016, I have worked as a full-time senior colourist at Teleking|001 studio in Ljubljana. 

Julij Zornik, Slovenia

Sound designer

Julij Zornik, born on 8.10.1974, began flirting with the world of audio in 1994 as a radio and television technician, and as a concert and festival monitor mixer. From 1996 on, when domestic audio post-production experienced a boom in studio activity, Julij focused his efforts in that direction. In 1998, he worked on the sound of Slovenia's first feature animated film Socialization of a Bull (Zvonko Čoh, Milan Erič), and a year later, skills and experience acquired along the way led him to establishment of his own audio post-production company, Studio 100. To date, Zornik has designed sound for countless TV and radio ads, over fifty short and animated films, and more than sixty feature and documentary films. A recipient of several domestic & international awards, his creative team in Studio 100 l 001 continues to be a resounding success.


Dennis Kleyn, The Netherlands

VFX Creative Director

Graduating at the Dutch film Academy in 2002, Dennis switched to visual effects after two years of directing. He founded visual effects studio ‘Planet X’ in 2004. The studio has since grown into one of the key players within the Dutch film industry, providing creative visual effects for top-end feature films and episodic productions with a dedicated team of 20+ VFX artists. The studio is now increasingly involved in international (co-)productions.

Dennis is chairman of the Dutch VFX Association (NVX) that he co-founded in 2014 and is currently launching the first permanent virtual production studio in The Netherlands.

Jonne Roos, The Netherlands

VFX Producer/Coordinator

After graduating in 2014 from the Dutch Film Academy, Jonne Roos started her career as a post-producer at the Dutch post facility Storm. She worked on multiple national and international film and television productions.

She was involved in developing the groundbreaking Dutch (web)series ANNE+. What started as an independent project grew into two TV seasons and a worldwide released Netflix feature.
 By joining Planet X in 2021 as a VFX producer/coordinator, Jonne started specializing in visual effects. The studio is one of the key players within the Dutch film industry, providing creative visual effects for high-end feature film and television productions with a dedicated team of 20+ VFX artists.

Before venturing into the creative industry, Jonne graduated as a primary school teacher.

Mikael Windelin, Denmark

VFX Producer

Mikael Windelin has a distinguished career in film and television production spanning over two decades. His extensive experience includes working with renowned production and post-production companies, as well as managing his own post-production facility, Minerva Film, for 12 years. 

As a graduate of EAVE and EAVE+, Mikael Windelin has co-produced over a dozen documentaries and feature films, achieving more than 30 nominations and 25 awards on both national and international platforms. 

Mikael Windelin's current focus extends across Europe, collaborating on feature films and drama series. He expertly manages VFX and Virtual production with vendors worldwide, ensuring cost-effectiveness, timeliness, and superior quality.

His recent accomplishments include delivering VFX for Netflix’ most successful non-English language feature “Troll” from Norway by Roar Uthaug, series like "Clark" by Jonas Åkerlund and "Ragnarok" by Adam Price and “Hilma” by Lasse Hallström. Mikael Windelin is at the forefront of utilizing the latest Virtual Production tools, particularly LED walls for In Camera Effects, cementing his position as a leading expert in Scandinavia.


Nina Hartstone, United Kingdom

Supervison Sound Editor

Nina Hartstone is a Supervising Sound Editor, specialising in dialogue,  ADR and vocals She holds a BA (Hons) in Visual and Performed Arts and has worked in sound for over 30 years. Starting out in the cutting rooms at Pinewood Studios as a trainee, she worked her way up through the sound editorial ranks to the role of Supervisor and is now passionate about nurturing the next generation of sound creatives, with a particular focus on encouraging diversity in this area of film production through equal representation. In recent years, a focus on musically driven films has enhanced her role to include work on vocal performances and the design of large crowds. Her passionate belief in the importance of sound to the viewer’s immersive experience has driven her to implement innovative ways of recording, creating and editing sound for film alongside leading industry professionals. In 2019, this work was recognised with Oscar, BAFTA, AMPS and MPSE award wins for sound editing on the film 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. With credits such as ‘Gravity’, ‘Enola Holmes’ and 'Moonage Daydream', Nina has created unique sound experiences for every genre. Her work on ‘Moonage Daydream’ received both the Cinema Eye Honors and AMPS Awards, as well as a Primetime Emmy nomination this year. Her most recent project is the hotly anticipated Emerald Fennell film, ‘Saltburn’.

Laura Bell, Australia

Music Supervisor

As conservatorium-trained seasoned music industry executive, having worked in roles as record label manager, sync director and managing director for production music, Bell is now proud to be an advocate for the craft of music supervision, shaping many soundtracks over the past 2 years for Dutch and international films, documentaries and series. Credits include Steve McQueen’s OCCUPIED CITY premiered at Cannes Film Festival, Netflix’s STROMBOLI and HAPPY ENDING, Amazon Series MODERN LOVE AMSTERDAM, Cannes-nominated drama series CHILDHOOD DREAMS, Dana Nechushtan’s PIECE OF MY HEART, Aaron Rookus’ GOODBYE STRANGER and Sacha Polak’s SILVER HAZE. 


Katriel Schory, Israel


Katriel Schory studied at the NYU Film School. An active producer from 1973. 1974 –1999: Founder and Managing Director of BELFILMS. Produced over 150 films and television programs, including Feature Films, Documentaries, T.V Dramas, International Co-Productions.

From 1999 and for more than 20 years the Executive Director of the Israel Film Fund. Authorized the support and the promotion of more than 300 full length narrative feature films, in Israel and worldwide, of which, more than 80 films were International co-productions, mainly with Europe. Among the films he authorized, many won prestigious awards, including 4 “Oscar” nominations for the American Academy; Golden & Silver “Lions” in Venice & “Bears” in Berlin.

Katriel Schory was granted the Chevalier de l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres – France; Berlinale Kamera for Outstanding Contribution to the Film industry; Telluride Film Festival - Special Medallion – for Outstanding achievements; The VARIETY Award for creative impact. The Fiapf – Int’l Federation of Film Producers Association Award; Jerusalem Film Festival - Lifetime achievement award.

Ludovica Chiarini, Italy


Ludovica Chiarini has been working as a sustainability manager on film sets and researching sustainable production practices for several years, supporting producers along the way. Consolidating her career path as CEO for EcoMuvi, she is responsible for the protocol’s most recent upgrade and application on a multitude of features and audiovisual projects. Aside from fostering sustainable policy enhancements and research among film institutions and academia, Chiarini daily work revolves around strategizing and implementing tailor-made solutions to fit the needs of each EcoMuvi production.

Nerina Kocjančič, Slovenia

Slovenian Film Centre

Graduated with a degree in comparative literature and philosophy from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. She has written film reviews for Slovenian newspapers and magazines and for different publications. In 2001 she wrote and directed a 30 minutes long documentary film People from the Planet Orient for TV Slovenia.

In 2011 she wrote a booklet about Slovenian actress Majda Potokar. In 2017 she finished Dialogues with Filip, a dialogue book with Slovenian film director Filip Robar Dorin. In 2001 she wrote and directed a 30 minutes long documentary film People from the Planet Orient for TV Slovenia. Since 1995 she has spent most of her time at the Slovenian Film Centre, where she is responsible for the promotion of Slovene films. From 2005 she is representing the Slovenian Film Centre in the EFP (European Film Promotion). She is member of the European Film Academy.

Diana Robaš, Croatia

Croatian Film Centre

Diana Robaš is a Senior Advisor at the Department for Development, Film Production and Complementary Activities of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, processing project documentation related to public calls for funding of the production of Croatian films and minority co-productions, from applications to finished projects selected for support.

She has worked on different projects for the Centre since 2014, including online database administration, collaboration with independent cinemas and film distributors, and development of the Croatian film online catalogue.

She has also worked in the publishing industry and written film reviews, essays and articles for various Croatian print and digital media.